Wendy Recommends

Create-A-Way in Public Speaking by joining a local Toastmasters Club.

I’ve been a member of American Greetings Toastmasters since 2000. Never in my life did I ever even want to be in a speaking club. Public speaking for me was certainly feared more than death — as it is with many people. I call myself “the poster child of Toastmasters.”
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Also you can view my testimonial speech
I highly recommend Toastmasters. It’s extremely affordable and you get to work at your own pace.
Contact me with any questions: wfedan@earthlink.net
And find a Toastmasters Club location close to YOU. Guests are welcome always.

Create-A-Way to “Financial Peace” with Dave Ramsey’s FPU Program!

My husband and I took the 13-week program in 2011 and it has greatly improved my attitude on finances. We are finally able to have conversations about money without me screaming and running from the room. I highly encourage couples to take this program if they are not on the same page when it comes to finances, as well as ANYONE who is having trouble with financial issues, or even someone like me who just needed a “dummy course.” This program is designed to help you GET OUT OF DEBT and stay that way, using a very simple system.

Create-A-Way to physical and mental health naturally with Juice Plus®!

I learned from Juice Plus from my girlfriend who was taking it to help naturally with her ADHD, and I decided to try it, hoping it would help give me more energy in a natural way. Since I’ve been on Juice Plus, I’ve experienced lasting bursts of creative energy that I have not experienced since I was pregnant with my kids!
Juice Plus is ALL natural – whole food in a capsule – NOT vitamins, and NO caffeine. I love it. It gives your body the nutrients you need on a daily basis so you can live a long, healthy, and energetic life. My own family is on Juice Plus now, and I’m happy to finally be providing my kids with this awesome nutritious advantage. I no longer have to worry, “Am I giving them everything they need?” NOW I can say, “YES I AM!”