“Wake Up Your Magic” with Susan Guild

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Susan Guild, the Wake Up Your Magic Lady, is one of the amazing women I’ve met through Dream Boogie and I am so thrilled to have gotten to know her so well. She is wonderful. The first thing I realized I had in common with her is that we are both Toastmasters. As we communicated more and more, I realized we have an even deeper connection. I feel I’ve found new friend. Take a peek at a few clips from her most recent show, above. Her personality is so light and sparkly! I just love her.

Regarding the third video, I love the concept that opening your art supply box is like looking inside yourself – all the colors in there – all the layers. I noticed some supplies were well used, and some that were untouched – the watercolor tray especially – some colors were almost gone, they were so favored. This makes me think about the different gifts/qualities we have inside – some have been well utilized and others are yet to be tapped into!


Try asking yourself, what qualities do you have inside that you use most often (like the colors of a paint tray)? Which gifts are most utilized within/favored? – And why?

Then ask yourself which qualities do you most shy away from? What colors are they? What medium? Why don’t you use these parts of yourself more often? I think these are all good questions to think about.


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