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“Journey Into the Light” ~ Booklet download by Wendy Fedan

This 7-page illustrated booklet download is an exploration of the process of journeying from the darkness to “The Light.”

“We have all reached a sense of “rock bottom” in our lives. Some people deal with addiction, some with depression or some other mood disorder. For some people it has more to do with worldly circumstances such as bankruptcy, divorce, or some other personal tragedy. The mind undergoes its own hell through these experiences, but the worst part is what happens to the soul as you suffer through life’s trials. Some people take years to overcome what I call “the darkness,” which is what you experience at the deepest part of this personal hell. In this booklet I explore the stages I remember going through in my own personal journey, moving out of the darkness and into the light. I will be exploring both places and everything in-between. I write this as a way to show others that there is a map that exists – a series of stages one undergoes as he/she journeys through this suffering. There IS a light. There IS hope. And you are NOT alone as you suffer through this hell.” ~ “Journey Into the Light” introduction by Wendy Fedan © August, 2011

DOWNLOAD FILE – Journey Into the Light


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