Peppy Products

Create-A-Way for the BODY


I learned from Juice Plus from my girlfriend who was taking it to help naturally with her ADHD, and I decided to try it, hoping it would help give me more energy in a natural way. Since I’ve been on Juice Plus, I’ve experienced lasting bursts of creative energy that I have not experienced since I was pregnant with my kids!
Juice Plus is ALL natural – whole food in a capsule – NOT vitamins, and NO caffeine. I love it. It gives your body the nutrients you need on a daily basis so you can live a long, healthy, and energetic life. My own family is on Juice Plus now, and I’m happy to finally be providing my kids with this awesome nutritious advantage. I no longer have to worry, “Am I giving them everything they need?” NOW I can say, “YES I AM!”

Create-A-Way for the SOUL


“My Signs and Wonders Journal”

This is a journal intended to keep track of the various signs and wonders God uses to communicate with you (angel murmurs, synchronicities, epiphanies, etc, etc). Enjoy 24 illustrated pages of journaling fun while you keep track of the miracles you witness every day! Every page is illustrated (black and white) to keep the experience of journaling FUN and creative.
After purchase, you will receive the PDF file to print out and enjoy!


Create-A-Way for the CREATIVE SPIRIT


“The 9 Principles of ARTbundance™ PLAYbook”

This 10-page coloring / e-workbook (PLAY book) has full-page images representing each of the nine principles, along with exercises for you to write and play with.
You’ll find questions to answer like: “What would you like to attract in your life?” and exercises like “Send your friend a valentine in spring.”
After purchase, you will receive the PDF file to print out and enjoy.