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Below are what I’m calling “CAWses.” Donations are needed to help reach as many people as possible!




My friend Sony Zambrano and I are on a mission to reach as many families as we can by sending caricatures to families who have lost children to cancer and other untimely tragedies. Our children are our angels, and as parents of young children, Sony and I are constantly reminding ourselves how blessed we are to have these angels in our lives. To have a child torn out of your life suddenly or from an illness like cancer is a tragedy, and we are hoping these caricatures can help give some hope and healing to broken hearted families across the nation.

This CAWse was really Sony’s idea. She began sending me photos of children who are battling cancer and have lost their lives to cancer. They are always rushed caricatures – I often need to send them priority mail or overnight to her, trying to get them to her in time to gift to the parents at the funeral. I realized very quickly that Sony is more than a client – she is a woman on a mission with a special ministry – and I wanted to be on board with her mission.

The 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy hit all us parents to the core, and I suppose this is my own reaction, wanting to send some healing and love to families who are broken-hearted over losing their precious child. It is a way to show God my gratitude for what I have in my own life, and a reminder not to take my precious children for granted… ever.

If you would like to sponsor an “Angel Child Caricature” like the one you see of Bradley, here, please leave a donation of $25. That covers the COMPLETE cost of the caricature, including shipping and materials. I will ask you after you make your donation about whether you would like your sponsorship noted or to be anonymous.


When your donation is used, you will receive a digital JPEG copy of the caricature you have sponsored, as well as a thank you from Sony and I and a photograph and brief bio with photo of the child your have honored with your sponsorship!

Please consider being an Angel Child Sponsor with your $25 donation below to help us reach as many families as we can!

– Yes, I would like to honor ONE Angel Child with my sponsorship! ($25)

– Yes, I would like to honor TWO Angel Children with my sponsorship! ($50)

 – If you would like to honor more than two Angel Children, or if you have a personal request, or if you are an artist and would like to join our ministry, please contact me at

If you want to browse my caricature portfolio to see what else I’ve been doing with caricatures, please come visit my caricature website as well.