Journey to Lily Dale

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"Tree Figure" sketch by Wendy Fedan

"Tree Figure" sketch by Wendy Fedan

I had a wonderful business-related day-trip this week with my friend Polly. We discovered and explored an old spiritual community called Lily Dale, in New York state. Apparently it’s the largest community of spiritualists in the world. Very interesting place to visit. We acted as photo journalists out there, and took countless photographs of the gorgeous trees and flowers around the area. We also walked the fairy trail (made me feel like a child again). Polly left some candy there and I left a piece of reflective mica stone I had been keeping in my purse for months, which I had picked up on a walk through Lake Logan, NC.

I’m sharing a sketch inspired by those beautifully twisted and knarled trees that filled me with inspiration. These trees were amazing – the old wise sages of Lily Dale.

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