Interpretive Dance/Middle Eastern Dance Workshop by Mary Bodnar

Come and have fun while learning about Middle Eastern style and Interpretive Dance (called belly dancing only in our western culture) including the wonderful benefits, physically, mentally and spiritually. Movements are low impact and very nurturing for your body.

Mary will also discuss the essential differences in Middle Eastern culture vs. our western culture pertaining to dance. She will show you her “tools of the trade” including beautiful hip scarves, and colorful silk veils and the skirts she uses for dance performances.

There will be a simple warm up and breathing exercises and you will learn the basic dance steps, so wear comfortable clothes. She will also teach you some essential differences between eastern and western culture music as well as ending the 2 hour workshop with a dance performance with you!
Feel free to just come and watch if you’d rather!

About the Instructor:
Besides teaching dance and conducting dance workshops, Mary is the Director and Choreographer for Vibrant Wind Dancers, a performing dance group which performs at senior centers, libraries, schools, retirement centers, retreats, nursing homes, day cares, churches, regional theatres and community centers. She also danced in Boston for a 3 day national conference in July of 2008. Mary has performed in over 40 dance performances for live audiences throughout northeast Ohio over the last 5 ½ years.

“Mary Bodnar’s interpretative dance takes the body into the realm of the Middle East with hip gyrations and cobra-like arms. As interpretative dance, body movements are enhanced by scarves and footwork, and the entire body becomes one with the music. Mary is a beautiful dancer–one wants to sit back and watch–but she’s a gifted teacher who’s committed to sharing the secrets of her chosen art form to her students. Her classes push toward endless possibility.” – Claudia Taller

“Mary did a good job at teaching some basic steps, especially in the allotted time.
Her directions were clear & she was able to show the class what was expected. She was able to teach a bit about the history of the dance. The music was well chosen. It complimented the dances. I liked the use of the veils. They made the dance seem spiritual, artistic, airy. I liked that we were in bare feet. It added to the “earthiness.” It was interesting to see her costumes. I also enjoyed learning & trying the hand & arm movements, which also added to the dance.” -Roberta Trutko

“Fascinating!” – Dr. Marvin Shie

“Loved It!“ – Sharon Morris

“I really enjoyed it!” – Pat Shaughnessy

“Great demonstration – really informative!” – Ruth Manafar

“I thought it was a great class- very informative, fun & a great workout!” – Elizabeth Adams