Giveaway Winners ~ Chosen By My Kitten!

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For my very first “Create-A-Way Giveaway,” I was thinking of how I could make the random drawing more fun, rather than just picking names out of a hat. I decided to try letting my cat decide the winners! I wrote each name on a piece of paper, crumpled it up, and whichever name was pounced on by the cat WINS!

Some of the names she even picked up with her mouth (you wonderful dreamers are quite scrumptious)!

There were so many wonderful entries, I decided to draw FIVE instead of three.

The winners are:  Violette, Leanne, Diane, Clive, and Leslie!

And one special acknowledgment to Rhonda, the first person to leave a comment. I decided I’d like to send something special to her just for being the first person to post a comment (Great comment, too, Rhonda! Special thanks!).

Thanks to everyone for all the WONDERFUL comments. They were all joyously thought-provoking!


  1. Violette

    hooray! Thank you so much Wendy. I really appreciate it….can’t wait to get my Wendy stuff!

    You should be getting a little package in the mail soon too!

    love, violette xo

  2. Leslie

    It’s so sweet! Thanks, Wendy! You know, I knew I would be one of the winners! That’s why I posted twice to fix my email address! LOL

    See you on the boogie bean board, and thanks again. This has really made my day!

  3. clive martin

    thank you Wendy,
    just got your beautiful postcards which are so colourful and fun. It is great when I get something handwritten and personal through the post these days, it feels like my birthday. I feel lucky and blessed with love Clive xx


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