Fun at the Akron Zoo!

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Rose and AJ enjoying the Penguin photo spot!

Rose and AJ enjoying the Penguin photo spot!

I had to share this wonderful photo with the world. This past summer my kids’ daycare (Tendercare Family Daycare) took a field trip to the Akron Zoo. Since I am currently a freelancer, my time schedule has been flexible, so I was able to go along with the group this time. I had never been to the Akron Zoo before. It was a great place for kids, because everything is so close. Much less walking than the Cleveland Zoo.

Rose was looking forward to the penguins! Here is a photo of her and her best friend, AJ, playing at the Penguin photo shoot spot (one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken). All the kids wanted to put their faces in the penguin heads. It was quite a fun site.

Other fun stops were the bear, and the TRAIN RIDE. Rose and AJ shared a car on the train and I held Baby Jack and watched, snapping some shots. It was a great trip to the zoo. Thanks, Tendercare!

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