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Experience a taste of the series with CLASS ONE: “Talking to God.”
You will also get a free download of the Class One Play Booklet (pictured left).

Class One Description:

Living a prayerful life is important for a healthy Divine Communication Line! In this class we will discuss the different ways we can communicate with God. We will open up by asking questions like, “How do YOU talk to God?” and “How ‘in tune’ do you feel with the Divine?” This class can help remind you that God’s communication line is always open, and I’ll be sharing some playful activities to help bring you and God closer together.

Unemployment Revival Guide!

Create-A-Way's Unemployment Revival Guide

A free 4-page, full-color mini book to help perk up anyone feeling stuck in their unemployment situation. Booklet offers cheerful advice to those who may be feeling down or even hopeless.

Gratitude Journal (16-Day)


a fun little journal to keep or share with friends!



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