Fly with the Angels

Introducing some creative ways to get personal with the Divine.

NEW! ~ Divine Guidance Coaching!

Angel Readings

Illustrated Signs & Wonders Journal

keep track of the various signs and wonders God uses to communicate with you (angel murmurs, synchronicities, epiphanies, etc, etc). Enjoy 24 illustrated pages of journaling fun while you keep track of the miracles you witness every day! Every page is illustrated (black and white) to keep the experience of journaling FUN and creative.

“Closer to God with Signs and Wonders” Self-Study Class

Have you been thinking maybe God is trying to tell you something? YEP! God IS trying to tell you something. Every day. Come join the self-study class to learn more about how to hear God clearly in your life!

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Bi-weekly Radio Show: “Signs and Wonders with Polly and Wendy!”

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Come join us live during your lunch break or check out the show archive online!

On this show, Polly and Wendy will discuss the signs and wonders we receive from the Divine.

Meet your hosts, Earth Angel Cheerleaders Polly and Wendy. We keep a daily record of the signs and wonders God reveals to us every day, and we’ll meet on this show to discuss the meaning of these signs. Call in and be ready to share some signs of your own! We would love to help you find meaning in them, or help you discover how to experience them more often!

Polly and Wendy are both Certified Angel Practitioners by Charles Virtue, and have also taken the Angel Communication Specialist course from Angels Teach. Polly has her own Earth Angels website. Check it out here: