Doreen Virtue and “Signs and Wonders”

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Meeting Doreen Virtue at Cleveland's Journey Expo ~ September, 2011

I was so happy to meet and speak to Doreen Virtue at Cleveland’s 2011 Journey Expo. I brought my paperback copy of Divine Guidance for her to sign, one of my very favorite books. I told Doreen that it was a very important book to me. She looked at it, saying, “Wow, I haven’t seen this one for a while!” She seemed happy that it made an impact on me. I told her briefly how it helped launch my own new personal and spiritual journey.

Doreen Virtue’s Divine Guidance (along with Albert Gaulden’s Signs and Wonders) inspired the class I am currently teaching called “Signs and Wonders.” I am enjoying this so much! I really feel like I’ve found my own personal mission by teaching this class. So far I’ve taught it as a workshop at my retreats a few times, and as a teleclass earlier this year. Now I’ve been invited to teach it for Tri-C’s Senior Adult Education Program this Fall. I’m SO excited about being an “Instructor for Tri-C!” Whee!

This whole experience affirms my beliefs in the whole “Signs and Wonders” concept that I teach. I teach that God-signs are sent to us every day, but we need to learn to watch and listen for them – and then take the steps to follow them (the hardest part, which involves a strong dose of faith).

I have a self-study program offered on my website on this class and also have a downloadable  illustrated “Signs and Wonders Journal.” Hoping to get another teleclass together after my Tri-C class is over. At the latest, I might get started with it in January, after the Holidays.

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  1. Anna Corbett

    Oh Wendy! My heart is dancing in joy with our glorious angels!!! I am soooo happy for you! What a wonder-filled connection with Doreen.
    And what a gift you are to the world with your teaching. I am still continuing to recognize and honor God’s signs in every moment through the process I learned in your teleclass!
    Blissful Divine Love,


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