Closer to God With Signs and Wonders


The journey of noticing and following divine guidance in our lives.

Have you been thinking maybe God is trying to tell you something? YEP! God IS trying to tell you something. Every day. Come join the self-study class to learn more about how to hear God clearly in your life!

Self-study has all the benefits of the 5-week class, just without the live class interaction. Class recordings are included in this self-study program, so it is very close to the experience you get from the original class. You can also join us in the Create-A-Way Community to still get the interaction you might like.

FUN, Playful “ACTivity Booklets” included with EVERY class!


The journey doesn’t end with the teleclass sessions! Join us for the 5-week class series and you will receive playful downloads with each class. EVERY class comes with an ACTivity Booklet!

About the ACTivities: ACTION is important to help promote movement and change, so these ACTivities are very important for you as we move together on this journey. These ACTivity Booklets are yours to print out and play with at your leisure.

BONUS DOWNLOADS included for classes 2 and 4!



When you register for the series, you will also get a FREE bonus download after Class Two of “My Signs & Wonders Journal” which you will actually be using throughout the course ($10 value).


For Class Four you will receive a bonus booklet download of my own creative “Connecting the Signs” technique! We will be using the signs we COLLECT in our journals, and learn how to finally CONNECT them to find some sense of understanding in what God is trying to tell you.

Your payment includes everything this class series offers:

  • FIVE live weekly teleclass sessions
  • MP3 class recordings, so you can listen to the class experience again and again (week 5 is the only class that is LIVE ONLY).
  • ACTivity Booklets to download ~ filled with fun “ACTivities” to play with on your own, as well as some materials we go over in the live calls (helpful to those who are unable to attend the live classes).
  • BONUS Booklet for class four – “Connecting the Signs” Manual.
  • “My Signs & Wonders Journal” e-book! This is a 27-page e-book with 24 illustrated pages of journaling fun – intended to help you keep track of your Signs & Wonders messages during and long after our class series!




1st class: Talking to God

Thursday, March 10, 2011, 9:00pm EST

Living a prayerful life is important for a healthy Divine Communication Line! In this class we will discuss the different ways we can communicate with God. We will open up by asking questions like, “How do YOU talk to God?” and “How ‘in tune’ do you feel with the Divine?” This class can help remind you that God’s communication line is always open, and I’ll be sharing some playful activities to help bring you and God closer together.

2nd class: Hearing God with Signs and Wonders

Thursday, March 17, 2011, 9:00pm EST

I have enjoyed teaching this class in groups at my retreats and face-to-face workshops. I am so excited to offer this as a teleclass!
This class kicks off the main purpose of the series, which is to help you recognize God’s presence in your life. Although we may talk to God frequently, we often tune out God’s answers back to us. God is speaking to us all the time. ALL the time. Every day. YEP. Believe it. He speaks to us whether we talk to Him or not! In this class you will learn the methods in which God tries to get our attention, and you will also learn what your special communication style is with God, which will help you to understand what kind of signs you are most open to receiving or recognizing.

3rd class: Clearing the Divine Communication Line

Thursday, March 24, 2011, 9:00pm EST

This class is about clearing ourselves by removing obstacles that plug-up our communication line with God. How can we hear God, when we hold so much GUNK in our hearts and mind (resentment, doubt, fear, anger, worry)? What is the liquid Drain-o that we need to help un-clog our communication pipes? Join our class for a time of personal revelation and discussion.

4th class: Connecting the Signs

Thursday, March 31, 2011, 9:00pm EST

In “Hearing God with Signs and Wonders” we learned to recognize God’s signs and messages. In “Connecting the Signs,” we will learn how to interpret these messages in a unique and creative way using some creative exercises.
This workshop is monumental, focusing on details you may have collected in your mind over the past weeks, months, or years. You will zero-in on these details – these signs and messages from God you have pondered about – and you will use this “Connecting the Signs” technique to explore them privately, and IN-DEPTH. When you collect the signs, you can begin to CONNECT the signs. We will pay special attention to repeated messages/signs you may be receiving, and collect the signs you may not realize could be related to each other. In the end, our goal will be to attempt understanding and interpreting God’s collective and repeated messages to us.

5th class: Sharing the Signs ~ Testimony Time

Thursday, April 7, 2011, 9:00pm EST

This class is meant as a follow-up session to allow people to share your experiences from the series of classes. You will be encouraged once again to join our FREE community to help find other kindred spirits who enjoyed this course.


Wendy “Wondervision” Fedan is a certified Mentor, ARTbundance™ Coach, Angel Practitioner, and experienced retreat and workshop facilitator. Wendy’s day job is working as an illustrator for Blue Frog Gaming, producing art for iPad and Facebook games. She also has been an active member of Toastmasters International since 2000. She has earned her Advanced Communicator award in Toastmasters as well as several speech awards, and has performed recorded lectures on creativity and spirituality for

Wendy has been talking with God since she was five years old. She is a strong believer that God has also been talking back. She has many awesome memories where God made His presence and direction known to her through signs and wonders. Since concentrating on signs and wonders for the past three years, she has noticed even more miraculous events in her life.

Canadian born, Wendy now lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, two kids, and a new little kitty.