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I am a huge advocate of self publishing, and have self-published all my books either as PDF downloads, print-on-demand, or Kindle.

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Wearing My Weird – in the Great White North

Picture 4Life is weird, eh? Yep, it sure is. Especially in Canada, where even the money is called “Loony.” Journey with me as I share my own personal story about what it’s like growing up always feeling a little different. You can move from one country to another, but no matter how far you travel, you can never escape from the true YOU.
Hey, take it from me. I tried.
In these stories you’ll meet real characters from my childhood who were also delightfully strange. That includes my little sister, Mom and Dad, a few quirky friends, my Nana and Soupy, and a big fat cat called Bingo.
Yes, life is weird. And there’s one thing I learned growing up:
It just keeps getting weirder.
And I guess so do I.


Wearing My Weird – The Journey Begins

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It’s hard when you have to say goodbye to your best friends, your school, and even your dearest pets – when your parents decide it’s time to move someplace new. It’s hard enough moving from one side of town to the other… but imagine what it would be like moving to a whole other country?
Now THAT is weird.
And it’s really tough, too.
Change can be exciting, and change can be scary. But mostly change just makes life insanely weird… and all you want at that point is for things to just be normal again.
Journey with me in this book to experience the excitement, the weird, and the wonder of facing my family’s decision to move from Canada to the States.



Wearing My Weird – in the U.S. of A.

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Moving from Canada to North Carolina brought many lessons,
including making new friends, learning to ask “what kind of meat is this?” before eating, and how to deal with disappointment.
But the most important lesson learned was:
No matter how far you travel, your “weird” travels with you.
This book takes you on a journey with Wendy as she discovers her first steps toward self acceptance, awareness, and understanding.
At the same time, she experiences culture shock during her first year living in the South. Everything about this new environment is alien to her, and she feels a little like an alien herself while she tries to adjust, and begins to wonder if she will ever find a place where she “fits in.”


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