Authentic Holy Water Paintings

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I’ve finally completed my first batch of Holy Water Paintings just in time for the Christmas season!

These are great gift ideas for your “Faithful Friends!”

I have created these paintings using sacred Holy Water mixed with watercolor paints. It took a while for me to decide what the subject matter should be for these pieces, and finally decided on Bible verses (What could be more appropriate?).

I am very excited to offer this new innovative technique and art expression to people of faith.

The Holy Water used for my paintings was acquired from Saint Ann’s Shrine in Cleveland, Ohio. The other materials (paints, paper, brushes) have been blessed by a priest. My hope is that the purity of spirit is blessed into each of these paintings and will spread special Holy Blessings onto you.

Each painting is signed on the back and my “Blessings To You” cross icon is also painted on the backside of each piece.


  1. Joan Little (aka Mum)

    What a wonderful idea. Good luck with your venture. And the Lord will bless you for spreading His word this way!!


  2. pttyann

    Oh Wendy they are so “beautiful” thanks for sharing!
    Have a “Merry Christmas” and thanks for your visit and comment.

  3. Nathan

    I know that look the lamb has, on the Psalm 23 one, I’ve seen it in the mirror.
    Wendy I like these. I especially like the background prep you do on each one, it sets them apart. Verrry nize!


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