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About Wendy’s Angel Readings:


My Certification:

I have been certified as an Angel Practitioner by Charles Virtue (son of Doreen Virtue) ~ March 14, 2010.

I use what I call the “pop out” method, where I shuffle the cards until a card pops out or peeks out of the deck. The manner in which a card presents itself signifies the character and importance of the message attached to it. I generally use Doreen Virtue’s “Healing With The Angels” cards and then one Archangel Card as the “overall message” reference. I might go into other decks that I have, based on how I feel led. I am of Christian background, so my sacred space has a framed Jesus Prayer Card, as well as a cross on the wall nearby. I try to make my space as sacred as possible – and I always clear myself and my cards before every reading. I’m not into fortune telling, but if you do have a specific question, I’m happy to see what the angels are willing to offer in answer to them (you’d be surprised how specific they can be). Generally, however, I prefer to just leave myself open to receiving whatever immediate message the angels want to communicate to you.

My philosophy is that God and His angels are communicating to you every day, so my readings ideally should bring you validations to messages you may already have been receiving on your own. We are all receiving messages from God (signs and wonders) – I see myself as merely another tool God can use to get his message to you more clearly.

Gift yourself with a 20-30 minute phone Angel Reading:


  • A recorded angel reading, 20-30 minutes (phone recording or video)
  • An “Angel Gift Card” in the mail (I will send you an ACTUAL angel card from the reading to use as a physical reminder of the messages from the Reading!)


When I receive notification about your payment, I will contact you as soon as possible and schedule our phone time together. I look forward to speaking with you!


NEW!! For January, 2015


A 12-Month Calendar Reading – WITH JOURNAL!

You get: A physical painted scrap journal with copies of your cards on every page

(cover will have a copy of the “CARD OF THE YEAR” from your reading).

I will write my own musings on the pages, but there will also be space for you to write your own impressions as well!

Sample shown above is an example of the style of journal you will receive.

Every page features a card drawn specifically for you + my intuitive musings about that card (for each month of the year).

The journal is bound with rings and decorated with ribbon for creative flair (and maybe a charm or two)!

Every journal I create is unique and handmade for YOU!



NEW!!! (with introductory price!)

Wondervisions Mail ~ 12-Month Subscription:



    • An angel gift card in the mail EVERY month specifically drawn for you!
    • A handwritten message in every notecard with my impressions received from the card as a mini-reading for you.



dawning.loTreat yourself to an Illustrated Angel Reading!



  • A 20-30 minute recorded reading
  • An illustrated version of your reading on 11×14″ watercolor paper, sent to you in the mail. Shipping included in cost.
  • A digital scanned version of your image to use as you like.

Illustrated Angel Readings are perfect keepsakes for the angel reading I do for you. Often when there is a recording I share with you or notes that you take, or even photographs of the cards I share with you, they will be put away and forgotten. An Illustrated Angel Painting will be a constant reminder for you about what the angels are trying to communicate to you. Something to hang on your wall or prop up in a sacred space at home.

When I receive notification about your payment, I will contact you as soon as possible and schedule our phone time together for a reading to use as the basis of my painting. I’ll make notes during and after our recorded reading, and base my painting on what came through during our reading.

Please allow me 1-2 weeks to complete your painting!





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Wendy has a beautiful connection with the angels that shines clearly through her readings. Every time I speak with her I always gain the clarity I was looking for! I had a wonderful experience with her that reinforced my faith in my own intuition and brought me great peace. Thank you Wendy for reminding us all of our own inner connection to our divine source. Lots of love and light!

~ Rachael, Florida


Wendy has a deep connection with God, spirit, and her Angels that stems back to her great Grandmother, who used to be a a medicine woman and the Shaman of her tribe!! Wow! So it’s no surprise that giving Angel readings came so naturally to her. Its inherited in her soul! … Wendy has THE sweetest and gentle personality you will ever encounter that will make you feel warm & cozy the second you walk in the room! And I love the creative spin she adds to her readings…. it truly makes your Angel reading the uplifting, empowering experience that its meant to be!

~ Polly DeHAYS ~ AKA: Pollyanna, Earth Angels 11:11 ~ Cleveland, OH


I have known Wendy for several years and have had many readings with her.  Each time she was accurate and provided great insight and guidance.  I am happy to recommend her to everyone.  You will find her easy to talk with and down to earth.

Dr. Jane Kukula, AuD, Cleveland, OH


Wendy is wonderful! You can feel the gentleness of the angels speaking through her. She also has the ability to tap into great resources of information, including past life information, and explain how it affects this life. Her approach is warm, loving and very supportive. She is blessed with an amazing gift.

~ Carol A. Adams, M.A., Cleveland, OH