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Me and my book!


I finally CREATED A WAY to independently publish a book I’ve been working on since I was a teenager!

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A Message from Wendy:

Wendy Fedan, Creator of Create-A-Way!

When I was little I decided to try making my own E.T. robotic toy. I planned to make a movie with my friends in Grade 2 based on the stories I read in class. I typed out my life story at age 12 (all 104 pages) and sent several copies out to publishers with my Grandmother’s coaching, learning at an early age about the reference book called The Writer’s Market and understanding it’s code and content. I joined the Drama Club in High School and began to dream about a life on the stage, even though I had a phobia of speaking in front of people.

NO, I did not get published as a child, no I did not become a famous child actor. BUT you see… I TOOK ACTION — I took a step forward. I TRIED. We have such a fear of failure when we grow up. I notice that my biggest list of TRYING comes from when I was a child, when I still BELIEVED dreams can come true.

What Create-A-Way successes have I had since becoming an adult?

By following the CAW ingredients list (see below), I have been a professional guest blogger, have performed audios for Artellaland.com’s premium newsletters, I have published art in Marney Makridakis’s book, Creating Time, I was a designer for American Greetings for 10+ years, am currently working as an illustrator at Blue Frog Gaming, currently working on illustrating my first published children’s book, and most miraculously I have earned the Advanced Communicator Award and the Competent Leader Award with Toastmasters International – as well as becoming Club President for American Greetings Toastmasters and have won several trophies from various Toastmasters speaking competitions.



INGREDIENTS (You need the PHF):


Never give up! Create-A-Way workshops and events (as well as the newsletter) will focus on this message as Create-A-Way’s priority mission.


Keep gathering inspiration to feed your hope and keep hope alive! Visit the “Dance with the Fairies” page to play!


Faith in a force greater than yourself that is on your side. Hence the spiritual elements you will find on this site. Visit the “Fly with the Angels” page for a boost of divine inspiration.

Everything you find on this site is aimed to help you along your Create-A-Way journey, nurturing every one of these Create-A-Way ingredients!